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Wednesday Market Tip – Today’s Biggest Real Estate Challenge? Housing Shortages.

Think you know the biggest challenge in today’s real estate market? If you guessed a Housing Shortage, you’d be right!
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The Art of…Matchmaking

In this month’s “The Art of…” series, we highlight The Art of…Matchmaking, through my Relocation Services and Proprietary Referral Network.In this month’s “The Art of…” series, we highlight The Art of…Matchmaking, through my Relocation Services and Proprietary Referral Network.


Throughout my career, I have worked consistently to cultivate and hone my skills as a real estate professional, with special emphasis as a Relocation Specialist, bourn from my own relocation to Los Angeles from Detroit, in 1999.
So, what does Relocation Specialist do?  Several things:

  1. I’ve created a proprietary system for working with absentee owners to sell their properties here in Los Angeles. Life situations often involve the sale of a property after a homeowner has moved away or, an inherited property in a town or state they’ve never been to.
  2. I’ve also created a formula for out-of-area buyers looking to relocate and find a place to call home here in L.A. (often sight unseen, thanks to modern technology).

Regardless of your real estate buying or selling needs here in Los Angeles, and no matter where in the world you are, I have the tools in place to offer you exceptional service and a positive experience when you work with me, my team and my worldwide team counterparts.

In the last year, 32% of the homes I’ve sold were with very happy absentee sellers. You need an agent with the local expertise and the right team to list and sell your home when you’re not local. Through clear and constant communication, my clients always feel assured throughout the selling process.

More than 37% of my buyer clients over the last year have relocated into the Los Angeles area from other parts of the world. The home-buying process can be challenging and stressful and this can be compounded when the process involves relocation. My team and I create a Custom Buyers Consultation Package for every relocation client to help introduce the many wonderful components and neighborhoods that make up our great city of Los Angeles.


At absolutely no cost, I provide my clients with a proprietary Relocation Service. No matter where in the world you are, if you’re looking to buy or sell real estate, I have the perfect local expert for you. I will introduce you to my team counterpart, the right local real estate expert in your neighborhood. Whether you’re moving across the street, across town or across the country, I’ve got you covered from door to door, in every town in every state, all around the world!

I am in the business of matchmaking – I match clients with homes, whether I represent Buyers or Sellers. Since it is physically impossible for me to represent clients everywhere, I rely on my one-of-a-kind Preferred Agent Network to match you with the best local expert to help you buy and sell real estate. I act as the liaison and communicate all important information about you, your wants and needs and your expectations to my Preferred Agent in your community, and I am always available throughout the process and after the closing, should you have questions or concerns.

Whether you’re looking to relocate into or out of Los Angeles, or if you’d like to take advantage of my complimentary Preferred Agent Network everywhere around the world, I welcome the opportunity to help you and your family. Allow me to guide you to the best local experts that will provide you with exceptional service and a seamless process culminating in the best experience, no matter where in the world you are.


Preparing your home for sale

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5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Real Estate Agent

Have you ever had the thought, Why do I have to hire a real estate agent?
Do you understand the real estate process? Do you have a working understanding all of the paperwork? What about negotiations? There are many components in the process that the average person doesn’t have a command of.

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Right time to rent

People often ask if it’s the right time to buy but no one ever asks if it’s the right time to rent. Find out what the historical trends have revealed about rental prices.


Tips for making an offer

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Housing Bubble?

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Housing Inventory

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Mortgage Cost

What’s holding you back from buying the home of your dreams today? I have some friends who have not purchased a home because they are unsure of the market.
EVERYONE should realize that unless you are living rent-free, you’re paying a mortgage – shouldn’t it be your own and not your Landlord’s?