Fall Checklist

Now that summer is officially over and we’re about to get those cloudy, chilly, dewy mornings here in Southern California, it’s time for our Annual “Fall Checklist.”

Here are 10 things you can do around the house to get it ready for winter (Lol, if you live in LA you know 60 degrees is cold for us)!

1. Wash all the windows
2. Vacuum & dust blinds/window treatments
3. Clean the walls
4. Clean ceiling mounted lights & ceiling fans
5. Wipe down inside kitchen cupboards
6. Test smoke & carbon monoxide detectors
7. Replace the furnace filter
8. Sweep the Chimney (but not yourself – this is best left to the professionals)
9. Check weather stripping and caulking around doors and windows
10. Check and clean the gutters

If you need any recommendations for vendors who can help you complete this checklist, just reach out to us today! We have a great preferred vendor list.

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