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At Melissa Menard Homes we’ve created a three-pronged approach to selling your home: Customized, Strategic Marketing Plan, Consistent and Transparent Communication and Superior Service.

We start the process with a comprehensive Seller Consultation that outlines the strategic and customized marketing plan we’ll use to introduce your home to the market. This gives the most exposure to potential buyers around the globe, while maximizing your profit potential.

 We practice consistent and transparent communication with our clients and everyone on all sides of the table. This ensures cooperation, efficiency and ease throughout the process and helps to set expectations that lead to stellar results.

When represented by Melissa Menard Homes, you are connected to seasoned real estate professionals with an intimate knowledge of local markets, current trends and extensive experience in strategic negotiations, giving you unparalleled service at every key point throughout the sales process.

Seller Consultation
When you make the decision to sell your home, your next step is to connect with me and my team. We'll schedule a consultation at your home and will walk you through the process. We set expectations, provide an overview of our strategic marketing plan and the analysis of the current market conditions. Next, we ask you about the story of your home. Why did you buy it? What do you love about it? Where are you going next? From here, we are able to provide our strategy for listing and selling your home that works best for you.

Determining your home's value is the first step in the home selling process. Factors that play a definitive role in your home's value will be its location and condition. As part of our initial consultation, we'll provide a Comparative Market Analysis to determine fair market value and a Buyer Target Analysis that shows the most likely buyer of your home. We'll also ask about your motivation for selling. These are all key components in determining the best pricing and marketing strategies to get you maximum exposure and ensure the market's top dollar.

Strategic Marketing
Every home has its own unique story and our proprietary, customized and strategic marketing plan makes us uniquely qualified to give that story global reach. Starting with a myriad of services ranging from professional photographs, a drone video tour, and professional staging (appearance is everything!), we combine multiple elements so your home, large or small, shines! Next, the fun begins as we deploy a series of print and digital marketing campaigns including email marketing, social media marketing and advertising, and traditional print marketing such as postcards and flyers. Every component is designed with a consistent theme, design and custom messaging for maximum exposure to your target audience.

Everything we do for you

Professional Services

We have carefully cultivated our list of Preferred Vendors, which consists of qualified and professional services from cleaning, painting, window & power washing, handyman, to gardeners, foundation experts, architects and plumbers.

Drone Video Home Tour

We have carefully cultivated our Preferred Vendor list, which consist of qualified and professional services such as cleaning, painting, window & power washing, handyman, etc.


Appearance is everything! We want your home to look its best which can mean something as simple as rearranging furniture and decluttering, to things that require a little more effort like fresh paint, repairs inside and out, and lawn maintenance and gardening. We have excellent staging recommendations for every budget.

Professional Photography

We have carefully cultivated our Preferred Vendor list, which consist of qualified and professional services such as cleaning, painting, window & power washing, handyman, etc.

Property Website
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From the buyers lender who plays a major role in keeping the ball moving forward, to the inspections responsible for conveying the results of all reports in a clear and concise manner, we act as the liaison to offer transparency throughout the transaction. And because networking is one of the most important tactics in our toolbox, we maintain a strong relationship to achieve a win-win result within the timeframe allotted.


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OUR Marketing Strategy

Drawing on years of experience and proven results, we’ll create an integrated multimedia marketing strategy that’s custom-designed for your home. It will combine a range of powerful elements, including:



Print Marketing

Print Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Global Marketing

Global Marketing