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Every Encounter is an Opportunity

As passionate real estate professionals, we all strive to help our clients to buy and sell homes within our neighborhoods of expertise. Inevitably, an opportunity for an outgoing client referral presents itself, but often times we’re not able to act upon it because we don’t know an out of area agent to recommend.
I’ve spent 7 years working to change that, by building and cultivating my Preferred Agent Network with incredible agents in many neighborhoods all over the country and the world. These agents are my team counterparts and we share incoming and outgoing referrals that result in happy clients.
I want you to join my team, and I’d like to join yours! Together, we can turn every encounter into an opportunity.
Preferred Agent Network
Over the last 7 years, I have cultivated an extensive network of more than 900 real estate professionals that share similar business philosophies and goals. I want to connect with like minded individuals who interested in joining my Preferred Agent Network. Sound like you? Let's connect and discuss your market area and business goals.

Incoming Agent Referrals
Since Los Angeles is a destination city, chances are you'll encounter clients with ties to L.A. Turn that encounter into an opportunity! This way, when you know of someone looking to buy or sell in the Greater Los Angeles area, you can count on me and my team to take excellent care of you and your clients.

Outgoing Agent Referrals
With more than 24 years in the business, consistent client interaction and a local population of more than 4.1 million people, our team encounters outgoing referral opportunities on a regular basis. We rely on our Preferred Agent Network to quickly identify and match our out of area clients with the right local expert. Will it be you? Let's connect.

By The Numbers

Percent of units sold in 2019 from A2A referrals
Referral GCI in 2019
Referral goal (in units) for 2020
Preferred Agent Reviews
Alyssia Essig

Melissa is an incredible agent. She’s meticulous, knowledgeable, driven and FUN!

-Alyssia Essig, Berkshire Hathaway, Baltimore


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